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Here we go… my new song is out!! 💓

I have never been more proud of one of my song babies than I am of this one. From lyrics over production to the cover: nothing has ever screamed my name more than this. I hope u all find a personal piece of urself in the song and feel anything u want to feel because you’re allowed to!!

Feelings and emotions can sometimes get overwhelming – but that’s ok! Nothing is permanent, even when it can feel like that for a minute.

Saying goodbye is disgusting. I’ve had to say some (not forever) goodbyes when writing, rewriting and creating this song and it hurt a lot. But sometimes staying won’t make u feel better either, sometimes it’s time to move on, close a chapter and write ur next one. U don’t have to close the whole book all at once 😉

with that being said:
THANK YOU to everyone streaming this one, listening, vibing, dancing and singing along!
THANK YOU to the most amazing producer @iamhatimusic that I had absolute pleasure to work with, bringing out the magic in my little song. She really knows what she’s doing and she’s doing it SO WELL!
Also thank you to all of my friends & family for helping me decide on a cover (sorry I’m such a pain in the ass) and supporting me in every step of the way.

This is the beginning of a new (music) chapter and I can’t wait to show u more of what I’ve kept in the books for so long!!

Let’s go 2022 💖


Produced by: HATi
Written by: Angelina Kalke, Hattie Murdoch
Cover & Video by: Angelina Kalke