January 19, 2020
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Terms and Conditions

SongwriterNews  – will not share your personal information with third parties – see our Privacy Policy for full details. Other information used to advertise, promote and share news about emerging artists, mainstream artists, events, releases etc. is shared as part of our effort to raise the profiles of those featured and promoted on our posts and pages and other connected media.

Advertisers – Advertisers are required to create an account and provide a valid email address and contact details in order to use advertising facilities on this site.  Advertising space on this website is deemed suitable for, but not limited to, the promotion of  music venues, events & gigs, releases of original creative material by artists, musicians, producers and songwriters and additionally, studio & production services and  tuition, educational, tutorial, coaching  and songwriting advertisers relevant to the music industry, creatives and the live and emerging music scene. All advertising is subject to prepayment and at our discretion and we reserve the right not to publish any media or supporting content which, in our opinion does not comply with our policies, terms and conditions and the guidelines and directives published by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Media – If you upload images to this website, you confirm that the images and supporting content that you upload, are original and that you are the copyright holder and/or have the full permission of the copyright holder to upload such images and supporting content for, but not limited to, the purposes of publication, publicity and advertising, you also grant us a royalty-free non-exclusive right to use these images and any additional or supporting content for the purposes of publication, publicity and advertising.  All Images and supporting content should comply to standard advertising regulations as determined by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK, we do however, retain the right in all cases to edit, remove, withdraw from publication or  refuse to publish, any material which, in our determination, is unsuitable for publication on this site. Our decision is final in this and no correspondence will be entered into.  You should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website. Images uploaded for use as ad banners should conform to the approximate dimensions & ratios indicated in the product narrative. In order to benefit from the full visual effect of the ad banner, for all banner sizes the text and informational content should be kept away from the edges of the banner to ensure that any automated resizing adjustments do not affect the presentation of the content.

ADZones Advertising display Space is provided to advertisers on this site in specific areas called Adzones. To use an adzone, advertisers must provide a suitable banner – or use our banner creation service, available at an extra cost in our range of services. Banners should conform to advertising standards as defined, but not limited to, the standards set out in the Media section of our terms and conditions. All Adzones are capable of promoting multiple ads and use of the space is non exclusive. The transition time between banners and the transition effect are applied automatically to the adzone, any changes to these criteria are effected to enhance site performance and overall user experience and changes and adjustments do not form part of our service offering to advertisers.   Adzone space may be purchased in blocks of 4 weeks. Purchasing multiple blocks of 4weeks may attract a discount thereby reducing the overall cost of the adspace subject to the product add-on limitations. A maximum of 2 concurrent banners per advertiser is permitted in any single adzone – advertisers may choose to advertise in multiple adzones – any adzone space purchased in any time period may not be left empty – in the unlikely event that adspace is purchased and left empty or a blank and/ or unmarked banner is supplied, the full charge will apply and the space will be filled by a standard site-default replacement. Advertisers are required to upload a banner at the time of completion of the order. Instructions on how to do this are included in the order completion process. Only one banner per product order period will be accepted. Banners cannot be changed or substituted during a live advertising period. Withdrawal of a banner after the live date will attract a service fee. Advertisers should provide a relevant and functional weblink to the release platform, product, event or service they are advertising – provision to add a suitable link is included as part of the pre-checkout process – the link must lead visitors directly to a platform suitably equipped to provide the visitor with immediate access to the advertised media, product or service – (in the case of track or album releases a link aggregator site is acceptable). Links to popular video media platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo are acceptable, however, video content may not be uploaded directly to adzones via the banner upload facility and in the unlikely event that any video content, gifs or animation is detected it will be removed by our system to ensure the smooth running of the adzone platform. Adzones are provided for the display of sales impact banners and are not suitable for displaying narrative. If advertisers require a narrative to be displayed – a product page option should be purchased and will run concurrently with the adzone campaign. Product page visibility can be extended on completion of the adzone campaign – please contact our press room team quoting the original order number . Adzones, category listings, social media offerings and all elements used or offered as part of our Mini Campaign Product packs are subject to availability are subject to change without prior notice.

Articles & Submissions – All articles, copy and submissions of prose and narrative submitted via our Press Room Portals is subject to review by our proof readers and copy editors – we reserve the right to edit, withhold or withdraw publication of any copy which is not deemed suitable – our decision is final on this and no correspondence will be entered into.

Platform – All of our websites and online services are hosted on our behalf by a hosting provider in secure data-centres and are subject to the terms and conditions of service of the hosting provider. Server uptime and site availability are subject to the SLA (Service Licence Agreement) of the Hosting Company and whilst we seek to provide a continuing, reliable and accessible service, advertisers agree to indemnify SongwriterNews and Vadercor Ltd. and the hosting provider from any claim of impact, loss of visibility, consequential loss and/or perceived loss due to unplanned or unavoidable downtime incurred during any period. Any planned maintenance is scheduled for periods after midnight UK time and before 6am. This is an automated platform providing services to multiple contributors and site visitors and our administrators regularly monitor site performance and activity for the benefit of advertisers, fans, visitors, songwriters and music lovers.

All terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice E&OE .


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We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies.