July 9, 2020
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Tag Archives: Vocalist

The Naked Vocalist Podcast Ep 40 – Choir Voice Training and Coaching Through the Voice Break

Timestamps: 0:58 Music from Keith Daniel Washo www.youtube.com/user/KeithWashoMusic 9:13 Chris talks about breathing techniques in Switzerland 10:04 Steve talks about his new project: www.singfinity.co.uk 15:11 Listener question: why am I losing my voice when I sing with my choir? 32:45 Listener question: how do I teach an adolescent male through the voice break? 40:26 Video […]

The Naked Vocalist Podcast Ep 39 – Singing Supps, Vocal Rehab and a Gareth Malone.

Timestamps: 1:01 Music from Cambree Lovesy 5:55 Chris talks us through his Tough Mudder experience 7:45 Gareth Malone is a brilliant bloke 11:02 Join us on Snapchat for 21 days of vocal training 13:20 Should I use singing supplements? 32:36 How to rehab the voice after an op 40:44 Youtube vid of the week: Singing […]

The Naked Vocalist Podcast Ep 38 – Getting Confident and a High Note Helper.

Timestamps: 1:26 Music from Rebel Rae http://www.rebelrae.com/ 2:08 Request for reviews 4:06 A homage to Prince 5:26 How do I become more confident? 22:36 Step by step confidence strategy 33:40 High note helper CONFIDENCE. Everyone wants it. No one has it. Or so it seems. That’s our listener question today! So we delve into the […]

The Naked Vocalist 6 – Creating A Reliable Voice | Lessons | Practicing

Welcome to The Naked Vocalist singing podcast. Whether you are a pro singer, novice, a performer or a vocal coach, there’s something in here for you. It’s Q&A time with Chris and Steve today. Lots of valuable information on how to build a stable voice, what to expect from a singing teacher and how best […]

Elissa Weinzimmer & The Naked Vocalist: Understanding vocal registers

This is a bonus video from the online course “How Your Voice Works” from Elissa Weinzimmer, vocal health educator and founder of Voice Body Connection. Elissa interviews singing experts Chris and Steve from The Naked Vocal podcast, about understanding vocal registers. “How Your Voice Works” is an online class taught by Elissa Weinzimmer, vocal health […]


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I Choose Myself- ELIZSABETH This weekend sees the launch of the latest single by Super Talented Singer Songwriter Elizsabeth. (fri 26th july) Titled : I CHOOSE MYSELF – the single was formally launched in a Headline Show at Camden Chapel on Thursday night to a packed audience of friends and fans. The launch was a […]

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