June 6, 2020
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PACK YOUR GUITAR – WE’RE OFF TO NEW YORK (NY) The ever evolving WONDER which IS The Songwriting Academy (easily one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ in the eyes of EMERGING Songwriters & Artists) has crossed yet another geographical border in its bid to be THE No1 in the field of  Songwriter Tuition […]

Music Production – the ULTIMATE “Introduction”

If you read our pages, social media and features on any kind of regular basis You’re gonna find us talking about The Songwriting Academy at some point or other ..  So, why is that ?? .. MAJOR RESOURCE  Well, as one of the most significant resources to the emerging songwriter community, it’s also one of […]


HAVE YOU SOLD A MILLION RECORDS YET ??? NO ? .. then HERE’S YOUR CHANCE … To get Up close and Personal .. with the people who have done it. The people -Who can guide You .. THE PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP YOU .. ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM  IT BEGINS SATURDAY11th Nov .. IF THERES A […]

The Incredible Rise of Gracie Falls

If You’re the WINNER of the 2016 Unsigned Songwriter Competition, then your name is Gracie Falls and your life has changed forever !!! As WINNER of the UNISIGNED SONGWRITER Competition, Gracie now has some incredible changes happening in her life and a whole bunch of prizes and benefits to go with them…. YAMAHAMUSIC LONDON From the generous […]


Gearing up for release on 2nd December! Follow Emma on Spotify Hi everyone, and greetings from the studio! I’ve spent four days recording so far, working with producer Luke Moseley. Above is a video diary from Sunday, just after we finished the first track, Secret Tunnel. The response I’ve had from people about my project, Somebody’s […]

UK Unsigned SONGWRITER – Finals Oct 30th

LATEST NEWS – THE FINALS … last night saw the second of two semi finals in which a mega-battle of talent took place to decide who would be the 2 songwriters chosen to compete in the Grand Final at #THEPIANOWORKS Farringdon on 30th October.  The heat was hosted at Yamaha Music London’s Flagship Store in […]


DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE ??? .. Well, if you’re looking at the view at the top of the page, you’re most definitely in the tiny village of Los Castillejos, about 40 mins east of Malaga Airport  on one of The Songwriting Academy’s Andalucian Songwriting Retreats … and you’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and […]

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