June 6, 2020
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New Release – POPULAR PRESS !!

£69.95 £49.95


with a 7 day Campaign !!

Your Opportunity to tell the World about your LATEST RELEASE !

  • Get Noticed by Industry, Fans & Music Streamers everywhere !
  • Promote Your Track EP Album
  • 7 day Campaign 
  • Up to 30,000 audience
  • Listing in our Popular Press section
  • Your track Cover Art
  • Write your own copy
  • optional include artist foto
  • Link directly to your release platform
  • 7day online visibility (extendable)
  • Submit up to 2 articles 



Telling the World about your latest RELEASE couldn’t be easier !

So, You’ve written a Masterpiece ! Crafted it with all your heart and soul ! Produced it with care and professionalism ! MASTERED IT to PERFECTION ! – chosen your platforms carefully – and NOW …

its time to RELEASE IT !! –

  • But how will you tell the world about what you have created ?
  • How much time and effort have you put into researching your audience ?
  • How much of your attention has been devoted to creating – and how much to advertising ?
  • Promoting a new track is a full scale job within a record company
  • If you’re an Indie Songwriter/Artist – how will you get the attention of Fans and Industry ?

Well, that’s where SongwriterNEWS comes in !

Whilst you’ve been busy creating and crafting – we’ve been busy connecting and curating – growing an audience of original music lovers, creators and the attention of the industry to evolve an established platform in the modern music press.

NOW – its up to you ! – With an online average of over 30,000 page views per week – and growing fast – we have one of the most accessible advertising platforms available to today’s emerging music creators – and at rates which are affordable to everyone who is committed not only to producing their best work – but also to promoting it with the same level of commitment and dedication.

So how dedicated are you ? Did you plan a promotional campaign, did you commit to a budget or are you hoping that social media will get you where you need to be. This is your opportunity to get into the Music Press with

  • Appear in our RELEASES ROUNDUP section with your press release  PLUS  all of the benefits mentioned above.


To submit a press release about your latest track – simply click the button above and complete the checkout process –

  • When your order is complete – you will be redirected to the RELEASES Press submission page
  • Type or copy and paste your narrative /add your artist foto and your feature image (usually your cover art )
  • include links to your release platform and social page
  • Submit for publication

What happens next – your Press Release is now scheduled for review and publication.

On publication day your Press Release will be published in our RELEASES ROUNDUP section

and appear randomly in the Releases Randomiser section.




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We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies.