September 27, 2021
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Category: Gadgets

Jennings Couch – on a ROLLER COASTER OF – “COOL”

JENNINGS COUCH – PLAYS APPLE MUSIC – and A WHOLE LOT MORE If You’re invited to play, in the ‘US’ of ‘A’ :  and you’ve only just settled at BIMM .. : Imagine the thrill, of a hundred k crowd : and the glory that APPLE could bring  …:  to play in their ‘house’ – […]

Spotlight on ELIZSABETH .. elizsabethmusic – shortlisted for UKUnsigned Songwriter

It’s a rare pleasure to find a voice so totally unique, it makes you tingle as though you’d been touched by Angels . And .. thats exactly what happens when you listen to ELIZSABETH sing . BREAKING NEWS – Elizsabeth contacted Songwriter NEWS late last night to confirm that she is one of 72 talented […]

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