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Uplifting song from British Singer Songwriter Bisola about shining your light, reaching for higher heights and rising above the craziness life throws at you.

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Song written and performed by Bisola. All rights reserved. Copyright 2023
Video filmed by : Joe Wade Film @Joewadefilm
Choreographer & lead dancer: Emily Golding-Ellis @Emilygoldingellis_
Dancer: Samara Tong @Samara_tong
Creative assistant: Anita Makinde
Music produced & mastered by: David Ezra from Hilltop Studios @Davidezramusic

Verse 1

Let us be like the morning sun
Shining ever brighter
Oh come let us be the ones
Always reaching for higher
Don’t wait for another day
Start now yeah begin today
Don’t stop
Gotta fight for a better way
Act now there’s no time to waste
Don’t stop
We gotta flip the script rewrite things


Let the light overcome the darkness
And shine on
Let the light overcome the darkness
And shine on
It’s a new day, a new dawn

Verse 2

Oh I don’t know how far you have come
And the journey you’ve been on
Let’s break the mold
Consign to the past everything that has gone wrong
Pick yourself back up again
Find strength and your faith again
Don’t stop
Face up to reality
Get back on that horse again
Don’t stop
You gotta stay the course don’t give up



I know this life can be crazy
And all your burdens so heavy
Then there’re the questions so many
But hold on salvation will come
Let me hear you say
Oh way Oh way o 4x
C’mon lift your voice and say

Chorus 2x

…….it’s a new day a new dawn

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