July 24, 2019
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Your Music, Our Journey.

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See the full version: http://www.gear4music.com/our-journey

Every day we draw inspiration from our customers, and we help them to inspire others. That’s why we’re here, and in case that sounds confusing, we’ve created a short film to explain…

From a child strumming their first chord, to a student finding their own voice or a band making a professional record, Gear4music has become a part of so many people’s musical journey. This short film is about one person’s life in music, from getting their first instrument as a young child, to walking out on a stage for a massive gig. As well as being the literal story of some of our customers, the film can also be seen as a collection of snapshots, exploring the huge range of music lovers who shop with us – everyone from parents, children and students to aspiring, established and professional musicians.

This is your story; we hope you enjoy it.


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