April 21, 2019
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Diplo – Color Blind (feat. Lil Xan) (Official Music Video)

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Official Music Video | Diplo – Color Blind (feat. Lil Xan)

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[Chorus] I’ve been so color blind
And I’ve been so color blind (haha, yeah)

[Verse 1] Ayy, trips to the mall, I just stripped in the fall
I think I might really be the one after all, yeah
The one to rule them all, I’m the chosen one, the savior
But all these triple six, yeah
Make it look like I was up to no good
At least that’s what my momma said, yeah
Now I’m the one givin’ momma bread
Done with the pain, I’m just so heartless

[Chorus] I’ve been so color blind
And I’ve been so color blind

[Break] (I said)
(I said)

[Verse 2] Love don’t cost a thing, yeah
So all my girls need diamond ring, yeah, yo, yo
Text that I sent that you never ever read
Got me feelin’ like you never ever ever really cared, yeah
But that’s okay though
I hope you feel okay though
They used to call me Diego
My favorite drink is Faygo
I’ve been so so so-

[Break] (I said)
(I said)
I’ve been so color blind
I’ve been so color blind

[Chorus] I’ve been so color blind
And I’ve been so color blind

Director: Austin Peters
Producer: John Curtis
Executive Producer: Jennifer Heath
Director of Photography: Chris Ripley
Editor: Marlo Caine
Production Designer: Itaru De La Vega
Color: Mikey Rossiter



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