May 30, 2020
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Singers Songwriters and Performers “Emerging Artists” new venue in London West 1 is #banging.

Rory Gillanders

The new Emerging Artists Venue at Hatchetts Mayfair is taking on momentum as song writers and performers chase slots in the showcase section of the evening 2-3weeks ahead of time.

There has been a rush on artists looking to book for this boutique venue as it takes the interest of music industry and public alike.


Open Mic slots are always available to early comers – (on the night)  However if you want to book a SHOWCASE SLOT  to show off your latest tracks and a selection from the rest of your repertoire – You will need to book at least a couple of weeks ahead (more, to be sure of a place)  They produce all the Headline Poster  Artwork to help you promote your presence (promofoto required) and to show off to your friends and followers. It is also published officially across all social media channels.
Emerging Artists founded by FloreaniManagement (discoverers of stars incl Sam Smith)  is an established name in the business  (poster example below) 

The venue also hosts an evening of music industry networking opportunities every month in conjunction with Authentic Artists and it looks like its gonna be a growing attraction for LIVE spots and Open Mic-ers in 2018

DETAILS – What You Need to do ..
If you want to get noticed and you want to get your music heard apply for a slot at Emerging Artists and supply a link to your bio and or links your repertoire so they can check you out. You will need to provide a headshot/promo for the official poster art – produced in advance of the night.

“WHAT PERFORMERS SAY : We talked to some of the performers who told us they loved the Venue and the LIVE SHOW format of the evening and said that they were made to feel really welcome by the organisers and well supported by the audience.”

If you’re really good they may ask you back and let’s face it somewhere like West1 has gotta be a great start for any musician looking to entertain an enthusiastic crowd.. so get your name on their list !!!  Happy Strumming



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