September 24, 2020
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February 12th sees the (pre-order) launch of the next avidly awaited New Release from Singer Songwriter Elizsabeth.

A multi talented artist with an unmistakably original and (as described by many) Angelic Voice.

But that “Signature” Voice is not the only thing that raises her profile above the general horizon of the “up and coming” EMERGING Artist population – Behind her innocent youthful appearance lies an incredibly creative talent re-inforced by a deep spiritual state of being.

Her softly spoken gentle manner betrays an underlying inner uncertainty which, for sure, should never manifest itself as a confidence issue because her talent is #UNDENIEABLE .. However, this wealth of talent is now inevitably channelled in a very positive and giving way .. through her music.

In an ongoing campaign to raise confidence levels self-worth and self-love in others .. Elizsabeth is in the process of taking friends, fans and listeners on an introspective  journey to awareness and discovery of individual value.
RELEASE  info: My Comfort Zone 
Launching on feb 16th on all major PLATFORMS with pre-order from Feb 12th Elizsabeth is using her new single “My Comfort Zone”  and the power of social media to bring awareness to the importance of self-growth, self-esteem and their connection to mental health.



AND commencing in advance from 1st to the 10th February she’s encouraging everyone to use the hashtag #mycomfortzonechallenge to share at least once a day, how you’ve come out of your comfort zone.

This can be in just words, through pictures or video or a combination,


and on your first post nominate/tag at least 3 friends to join the challenge! It can be on any or all social platforms.


Elisabeth collaborated with already successful EMERGING ARTISTS Jaayns (Carolyn Stringer)and Hannah Trigwell (Managed by well known Industry Impressario Bob James) to write the song which was actually completed with co writer producer Ben Matravers last April 2017 – however it was subsequently scheduled for launch following her debut single Clarity which has paved the way for her latest campaign and the association of My Comfort Zone in support.

She told us .. “the inspiration for the song cane when brainstorming in the co-writing session, I thought I had nothing really significant going on in my life to write about, in fact I was being a hermit in my music for weeks by that point. That’s when it became clear that that would be the basis for our song. Even though being a hermit has its benefits, over time it also began to make me feel like I didn’t want to leave that comfort zone I had made for myself, staying and letting fearful inner dialogue take over, preventing me for going back out and experiencing new things.
The collection of songs I’ve been creating is all based on the theme of self-worth and self love, and this adds to that because that’s  what I wanted to show.”
With an #AWESOME GROUP of very talented people behind the track itself .. and a great deal of inner strength and determination from Elizabeth and her camoaign supporters – we’re sure both the song and her campaign will succeed in provoking positive thoughts in everyone.
About the music video (produced by Gareth Kay) ( Elizsabeth tells us “it expresses the development of being free from the masks we wear in our every day lives, whether it be to fit-in or because we don’t feel good enough when we are completely ourselves. Those masks may seem harmless comforts at first but they can also become crutches that we rely on and then we forget that we never really needed them in the first place. Who we are when we are completely “naked” & vulnerable is more than enough… it is what makes us truly beautiful”

 AND of course- “My Comfort Zone” is performed by Elizsabeth herself – so there’s no doubt it’s already gonna be ..  TRULY BEAUTIFUL ! 

Check the video above
SHARE with #mycomfortzonechallenge
AND find Elizsabeth on social media and here:

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