June 14, 2021
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Music Production – the ULTIMATE “Introduction”

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If you read our pages, social media and features on any kind of regular basis You’re gonna find us talking about The Songwriting Academy at some point or other ..  So, why is that ?? ..


Well, as one of the most significant resources to the emerging songwriter community, it’s also one of the most industry connected support structures available to any Emerging Songwriter looking to make a name for themselves in the music industry – either as a songwriter or as a performing artist .

delegates listen intently – Introduction to Production TSA

This month’s schedule features the “Introduction to Production” One Day course – a full-on, comprehensive , interactive tips and tricks real-time demo of popular production platform LOGIC – a MUST for novice, aspiring and even “seasoned” music production enthusiasts – seen from the perspective of Industry Respected Professionals. (the course is held at their regular venue in Central London with easy access to Oxford Circus tube).


What makes a Songwriting Academy Production Course more attractive than any other Production course –

Well, it could be the Industry Connected “Super Talents” that comprise the network of mentors instructors and contributors to the Academy Course Structure.

On this particular day we are blessed with the  very talented Mr Tom Gibson  Tonmeister Degree Holder (University of Surrey) (BlackHill Studios) whose world class studio abilities have taken him on an incredible 10 Year journey working with a number of top artists and engineers .

SuperStar Producers Mo Pleasure and Tom Gibson

Just off a flight from the USA –  Mr MO PLEASURE Mega-talented Producer to the STARS (former member of Earth Wind and Fire /producer to Michael Jackson Janet Jackson and many other big name World Class artists) .. here to work us through a typical studio production session – and later we are joined by the very lovely …

Miss IVY Chanel – Vocal Coach to the best of the UK music industry – Simon Cowell’s go-to Vocal Coach and published artist in her own right.

Vocal Coach to the Stars Ivy Chanel pictured with course delegates

So what greater insight could you want – than to be a contributing spectator to these  three AWESOME Music Industry super talents – as they create and record a brand new song from scratch .. onstage right in front of you AND soliciting your lyrical contributions to complete the track.

That’s how the TSA rolls … You can choose a one day full-on course .. enrol in a 3DAY (High-Octane) Songwriting Bootcamp – join their 1 Year Flagship Platinum Songwriter development program .. and /or head out to Spain for a week at a TSA Songwriting retreat .. writing with other songwriters and the mentors themselves

This is definitely the ‘way to go ‘ for anyone hoping to get into the music industry and for those who cant get to London – everything is online – so you can watch and absorb at your leisue

CHECK EM OUT HERE – The Songwriting Academy Website

@kristianvader for Songwriter News

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