December 13, 2019
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NEW MOON at The HALF MOON – A true BREAKOUT OPPORTUNITY for Bands and Musicians at one of London’s Most Historic and  “Prestige” Live Music Venues

(and ‘yes’ we know the word ‘prestigious’)

Extend the Week ENDMonday Nights now have a better deal on LIVE entertainment as the Half Moon in Putney – London’s  ‘Famed’ GO-TO HOT SPOT for Live Music opens up it’s doors to the NEW MOON Live Artist Events. (presented by Signature Brew)

This week the venue filled with sound as FIVE acts with roots as near as London (yep that close) and as far away as Italy , Moscow and Greenland hit the stage and blew us away with an eclectic mix of music and talent – all writing and singing in English. (jusssayin’)

So .. what can we say about it all .. well here it is in words and video snips

First UP – Sir & the Ivanoe  – Originally from Italy but based in London –  don’t let the name fool ya – He’s just one Guy – but nevertheless an incredibly adept and talented guitarist / Singer / Songwriter and BIMM Graduate, who hit us with four of his own tracks and a Springsteen cover – Listening to him sing – we got shades of Dylan and Springsteen in his hooky lyrics and melodies accompanied by some awesome string and fret work – and maybe looks a little like the Boss too  (BIMM – British and Irish Modern Music Institute)

Check him out in this snip (and on his FB time line – look for  The Girl The Cat and The Sofa (clue – its not 3 different things) LINKS HERE – Facebook.


UP NEXT – Nash Albert – AKA former Leader and Songwriter of the Moscow (yep Russia) Band “BLAST“ – Hailed by the NME as the GODFATHER of the Russian Alternative Music Scene – and a solo artist since 2014 – and he truly is a BLAST !! – From the first chord off the frets –  we got more big guitar – signature CHORD sequences and massive VOCAL power across the soundsystem. His second track Footsteps in the Snow .. a little ‘Chuck Berry’ .. very upbeat rock STYLE .. simple straightforward lyric. . massively hooky .. immediately crowd relatable .. and like his entire performance a total party song. A definite Big Night-Out Entertainer. (and we mean on YOUR Big Night Out)
check him out Here – Facebook


Imogen Hoyle  – Based in Manchester – from Halifax (West Yorkshire) and originally from Greenland –  Imogen shows massive potential – both as a singer songwriter and as a cover artist – who sings and plays her own contemporary material with a mix of covers (Fleetwood Mac & Cyndi Lauper – which actually had a flavour of Stevie Nicks in the vocal) and her own contemporary, current and totally relevant material. In other words she’s written some cool contemporary songs. (and in fact she was the first artist who’s link we shared out on our timeline during the gig) Check Imogen here – Facebook


CIIrcus Street  – (remember the TWO i’s when you’re searching) –  Singer Songwriter Duo – Sam & Jim from Reading UK . – #TOOK THE STAGE – AND THE SOUNDSYSTEM – BY STORM from the FIRST CHORD. These Guys are consummate, confident performers – their stage presence is a cycle of full-on musical and vocal talent in what translates to the audience as an effortless performance. By now there’s quite a substantial crowd in the venue and the quality of delivery still keeps the crowd silent until it’s time to applaud with shouts and cheers ..  They take the stage, the audience and the powerful VOCALS in their stride like it’s second / maybe even 1st nature .. are we witnessing the birth of a truly professional act / band / duo – it goes without saying that these guys are NECESSARY contributors to the ongoing music scene – and we need to see more of them !! LINK – Facebook
Up 2 yet,  the highlight of the night in a pool of real talent .


Sara Strudwick – Sara is gaining all kinds of accolades as her career progresses , she’s got the looks the talent and the support as she hits the stage with HIGHGROUND (a full band) and a massive vocal, two backing singers and the addition of two very eager videogrphers  (who unfortunately got in most of the shots – so we don’t have much to show you) – but check out Sara’s timeline and media – She’s played Donnington –  A seriously BIG DEAL for a rising star !! and even tho she hinted on-stage that she was new to songwriting  – we would argue differently – her material is strong , intense, upbeat and is gonna work well in any festival / live band / party venue  with some AWESOME Guitar Rifts to seal the deal !!
Forgive Me Its Not You  – this is an awesome song – her material is strong and engagingly listenable  and –  along with the band , had the audience hooked!!

Sara’s Facebook Page

So if u want to grab a slice of the action on a Monday night – all we can say (with a Tennessee accent – for no particular reason) is ..  “Git Yaaaw asss down to the Half Moon Putney – it’s NEW MOON on a MONDAY !!!”

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