September 24, 2020
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Singer Songwriter Showdown – at – The Half Moon Putney

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The half moon at Putney Has long been known as the Crucible for live performers and birthplace of major artists which has seen well-known acts like Ed Sheeran The Rolling Stones Elvis Costello AND MANY MORE  take the stage

and this past Wednesday played host to the latest generation of emerging superstars.

The second instalment of the ‘Singer-Songwriter Showdown’, an inspired idea hosted by the venue’s promoters, this month brought us the music of International award-winning singer-songwriter Dan Olsen, the inimitable vocals of Frederick Long and the full-band vibe of Cloudy Galvez backed by drum and bassist who all entertained and captured the full attention and appreciation of an attentive audience.


International award-winning singer-songwriter Dan Olsen claimed the stage with all the magnetism and aura of a seasoned superstar, totally at home in front of an audience of any size. With a new set which included some of his latest tracks, one of which is currently only available to subscribers to his website and is titled ‘I Know a Girl’ along with some re-worked Dan Olsen favourites. Hailing originally from the Faroe Islands, Dan has lived in Australia and is now permanently living and working in London, though he has just returned from a tour of the Far East and has a growing number of tens of thousands of fans across social media and has been booked to open Shanghai Fashion Week in October hailing another return to the Orient.
Candy ShopHERE  His latest music video and download release ‘Candy Shop’ is now available in online stores and rumour has it he will be making a guest appearance at the Bellevue Road Festival by Wandsworth Common this weekend.


Frederick Long, the former estate agent who downed tools and picked up a guitar only a couple of years back opened the evening with a short but highly entertaining mixture of covers and his own songs – this guy has an incredible voice, which fortunately is now used for its true purpose by a guy ‘gifted’ to be a ‘professional singer’ We checked out his Youtube channel and found an awesome cover of Back to Black by Amy Winehouse (above) along with several other live mic performances  – check him out -You won’t be disappointed.


Cloudy Galvez was the closing act for the evening – we’ve got live video footage of her above – which you can see accompanied by drum and bass she bangs out some awesome tunes and what’s better she has just released her latest EP the title track of which has the unlikely handle of ‘Dust Under the Rug’– it’s an awesome song with a real catchy vibe, very hooky with a mass of melodic contour to the lyrics and well worth a listen – you can check it out on the link here

Check out Cloudy Galvez – here
Check out Frederick long – here

Checkout Dan Olsen here

Check out what’s happening at the half moon Putney here

And remember to like share follow and subscribe 2 emerging artists after all you could be supporting the next Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift

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