June 14, 2021
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A to Z of A&R – the FULL ALPHABET

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A to Z of A&R .. IT’S the 3full ALPHABET

If you’re heading for a career in the music industry .. or already finding your way along the path to superstardom as a songwriter and artist .. then the A-Z of A&R with the Songwriting Academy makes for an incredible roadmap to guide you along the way and avoid the major pitfalls.

Hosted by founder, mentor and multi-platinum selling songwriter Martin Sutton – this seminar boasts more than just an instructional narrative – the Songwriting Acadeny brings you full-on, ahead-of-the-game, current industry professionals.

Today’s one day even boasts guest speakers Danny Roberts and Andy Bibey who currently hold the highly responsible posts of A&R Managers for DECCA RECORDS (Universal- Worldwide) and  BELIEVE RECORDS – (Major international distributor over 30 countries) jus sayin’ !


Be advised .. this is NOT a run-of-the-mill keynote seminar  – its a fully interactive one-day informal discussion providing an in-depth pool (#LAKE) of insider knowledge shared by the experts and further analysed through a series of q&a sessions with delegates throughout the day.


What is truly #awesome..  is the concept of inviting delegates to submit their songs (anonymously if you want) to the experts for a LIVE A&R FEEDBACK during the afternoon session .


DO’s and DONT’S

We talked to the experts from mahmjor Labels and Distributors about the major Do’s and Dont’s and their key pointers are:
DO:  send links to music and info – eg an EPK ( electronic press kit)
DONT – send .wav files or continually ‘ pester’  
Don’t apologise for any shortfalls in your demo – just don’t send it until you are ‘Punching the Air’ about it .


It was a packed house for 5his event and additional seats were provided for late comers who listened intently to the dialogue..and walked away happy with a bunch of mega- useful info and.. what’s better .. IS ..that all of  it came from a couple of really genuine #professional guys who focus on different areas of A&R for High #Profile Labels. #AWESOME


Much of what is discussed (as already stated) is insider knowledge of the workings of the industry – so if you want specifics .. and what can only be described as highly valuable insight .. and, if you’re a songwriter, singer/ songwriter or independent /emerging artist, then go check the TSA Calendar for the next A-Z of A&R and a whole selection of professional music industry courses.



The Songwriting Academy is a MAJOR Pioneer in cultivating new songwriters and emerging arthsts .. and a  growing force in expanding and intetgrating the International Songwriter Community .. with Industry Experts on-hand and an unbeatable support and networking structure

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