September 22, 2020
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We’re not meant to do this alone !

MUSIC – WHETHER WILD or WACKY .. or SOOTHING & SOULFUL .. it’s forever significant in our lives. The vibes stimulate our very being in such a therapeutic way that it’s almost HEALING in it’s influence.

An awesome opportunity then, for songwriters and musicians to stand in supoort of an alarmingly increasing issue facing emerging generations – the issue of Mental Health.

Publicly available figures show a growth in Mental Health issues, rising by 8% (1 in 4 to 1 in 3) of people reporting current use of treatments for what is termed as CMD (common mental disorder).


Stephie Grace – one of the lovliest souls you could ever wish to meet .. is an incredibly talented singer songwriter from London, who is currently in the process of launching an album project in an effort to highlight the growing issue of mental health and, at the same time .. treat us to the gift of some of her inspired compositions. Already playlisted with her beautifully crafted, delicate single Heartbeats – Stephie is pushing ahead to raise funds to bring her music to life visually .. check out her video here (and below in her own words)


In just over a week I’m launching an Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign.

In October, I start a music project, inspired by Mental Health, called “We’re Not Meant To Do This Alone”, in which I write, record and release a song a month for 8 months, culminating in an album release in June 2018.

Heart on sleeve bit!: Mental Health is a subject close to my heart, as I have personally suffered from, and still work through Mental Health issues, as well as knowing many others who do, too. My aim, through the songs written, is to bring relatability, connection and hope to those who suffer also, to help to get rid of the stigma and to help stop isolation.

I am going to self-fund the actual project, but… I need help in funding the Music Video to launch it with. Through my Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign, I hope to raise these funds, and be able to create a music video that does justice to the launch song (already finished and mastered!), as well as giving the best impact to the opening of the project.

I’d love to invite you all to the “Soft Launch” of my Indiegogo Campaign, which will be happening on Monday 21st August from 8am (GMT!), for 24 hours. This is where you get an online link to my campaign page ahead of the campaign going officially “live”. It means you get first access to the campaign and first dibs on all the rewards that are to be had for your donation.

Please would you help me in making this music video a reality? It would mean the world to me to have your support. If you are able to spread the word about this campaign to others you think would be interested, that would be amazing too! (You can easily do this by forwarding the link/article on )

This is the link to my pre-launch page, where you can view my campaign video (shown above) and sign up to the mailing list: IndieGOGO CAMPAIGN LINK

Thank you.

With love,

Stephie Grace x

CHECK OUT STEPHIE’S Campaign link above . and help contribute to her campaign success and check her new single  HEARTBEATS HERE



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