January 26, 2020
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PIZZAZZ..?? – yep pizzazz , defined as showbiz slang for an ‘attractive combination of Energy, Style (did we say style already?) Sparkle, Vitality and Glamour – in the most elegant way – so who does this describe ?

Well , without doubt , the inimitable and very charming Miss Elizabeth Valentine !!

Easily mistaken for a Big Screen Movie Siren – she has all the style and swagger (can u say swagger for a lady?) of a Hollywood SuperStar reminiscent of the heddy days of Big Screen Vaudeville and Big Budget, High-end Musicals – and.. a voice to top some of the best performances ever recorded on celluloid (that’s movie film – jus’sayin’)

Her website describes her as captivating , engaging and sexy … and it’s no understatemement – as a moment in her prescence makes you feel like you should be doing nothing less than asking for an autograph ...
Elizabeth Valentine – Danish by descent and fluent in other scandinavian languages, speaks English better than some people born in the UK and probably ‘sang’ her first words as she popped into the world , which wouldn’t be at all surprising to anyone who is fortunate enough to see and hear her on stage .
She is the voice of TV3 DENMARK as Brand voice and script writer and an accomplished songwriter,  jazz and blues singer and public speaker .

Together with fellow SONGWRITERS and collaborators Siilhouette and Ian Marx, she organised the Christmas 2016 Charity Event Carols for Crisis – to raise funding for the homeless with a CD and enormously successful Caroling Evening .
Her debut EP TEMPTATION recieved outstanding reviews hailing her vocal talents with comments like ‘Amazing and Powerful voice’, ‘Miss Valentine’s voice gives me goosebumps’ .. and ‘ goes straight to the heart’ ..
A professional singer since her teens – Elisabeth has also performed for Basca , BBC introducing , Best of British Unsigned and The Secret JazzSociety – and with frequent engagements and requests for personal appearances at many of the finer live music establishments – she’s kept pretty busy – tho’ there is rumour of a forthcoming tour this year .

And Yes! .. better still .. as a songwriter, she is working on new material for her forthcoming album with a host of award wimning songwriters, most recently including the very lovely Pam Sheyne (Genie in a Bottle) – so ,what is coming, is ‘guaranteed’ to be AWESOME !!
The Headliner (above) shows her most recent promo video (filmed by Music Theatre Film’s Simon Beyer- Filmography and Music Man and the go-to guy for all things photographic) Check Miss Valentine at around 1:01 for her incredible vocal on It’s a Man’s World – along with the rest of the vid which fully embraces that style and pizazz we hinted at earlier ! (big hint !!- it’s a ‘reality’ !! )
You can find out lots more about Miss Valentine on her website – HERE
On Facebook – HERE
and search Miss Valentine Music online – watchout for her forthcoming Album and Tour Dates – and if you’re looking for an AWESOME all round CLASS-ACT for your EVENT – BOOK MISS ELISABETH VALENTINE !!! –
You WONT be disappointed !!

and the HEADLINE title ..??  Well, we KNOW it’s not February 14th – but a SONG from Miss Elisabeth can make EVERY DAY – Valentine’s Day !!

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