January 20, 2021
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Ambr – Arguably one of the most watched and talked about Talents on the Emerging Artists horizon

The Dictionary describes AMB(e)R  as ‘A Beautiful fun loving girl who is kind and caring and not afraid to be herself’  – SO –  WHO IS AMBR …?

Megan Farnfield already posessed a keen sense of direction – As she sat down with a group of novice songwriters in a Kent Farmhouse – she knew how the melodic form of the song they were writing should evolve, she knew lyrically what was a good fit and she could carry the lead vocal with ease. The group was part of a weekend songwriting bootcamp organised by The Songwriting Academy .. and the mentors were just about to walk through the door to check out what had been created in the short 90mins given for the ‘verse and a chorus’ exercise -” Take another 20 mins” they said .. “see if you can come up with more ! “..  after which everyone was expected to join the rest of the assembly and PERFORM !!


Megan was insistent on her group being first up – ” I just don’t want to forget the melody” she told us – and she didn’t.. delivering the lead vocal with a percieved confident ease.  Meanwhile at the back of the hall sat one of the music industry’s most respected producers and conductors (one who we can say  – “has conducted at the Albert Hall, has worked with Robbie Williams, has achieved awesome things in music)  – “Well THAT sets the standard”  – he told me .. “Wow … NOW THATS A TESTIMONIAL !!”  I responded .. pleased to have been part of that group and retrospectively not surprised that it’s other members have also been high achievers since that bootcamp weekend  back in feb 2016 – but we’re focusing on Megan Farnfield here .. who, to compliment the incredible wealth of talent she brought to the fore .. just needed one thing – a NAME !!


So Megan Farnfield chose an awesome name to suit her style and her persona and in  an instant- became AMBR – who, in addition to everything the dictionary defines about her, has,  in the space of less than 12 months since that february bootcamp –  not only (in essence) assumed the name of a GEM – but become the shining jewel in the light of the emerging artist new and bright horizon that has dawned in early 2017. Wasting no time at all, she has acquired a Manager, establilshed herself as a radio presenter, is an accomplished songwriter and performer, has released an AWESOME new single (written with co-writer, musical talent  Willow Rivers)… Sleeping in Your Bed – and made a kicking new music video to promote it !!!


Yes, at the writing of this article AMBR has achieved a view count of 21,359 views AND COUNTING !!!   and here it is ….

So .. whadya think .. do you like it ..  did you click ..  have you shown your support?

AWESOME !!! …” Support a fellow songwriter” A BIMM Member – A Songwriting Academy Platinum Member – A UK Unsingned Songwriter 2016 Semi-Finalist – Ridge Radio weekly Radio show presenter – main stage performer at a string of festivals – attracting 10,000 plus crowds – and promising further festival appearances in London and the South East throughout 2017.

AMBR studies at BIMM with the likes of Bob James- respected Industry Music Manager , Georgia Train  – accomplished songwriter , vocal coach and hitwriter for the Kaiser Chiefs, she also has been mentored by TSA – whose mentors include  multi-platinum songwriters Michael Garvin Pam Sheyne and Martin Sutton – she is managed by the multi-talented Simon Beyer and co-wrote Sleeping in Your Bed with another rising and supertalented TSA member – Willow Rivers  – did we mention that ? .. and did we also mention that Sleeping in Your Bed achieved over 15,000 views on Youtube in just 36 hours … now it’s over 21,300 🎶😀♩♩♩♩🎶 LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING AND SEEING MORE OF YOU AMBR – AWESOME – Simply AWESOME !!

AMBR – FACEBOOK  (@ambrmusic1)
AMBR – TWITTER      (@AMBR_Music)
and live on the SongwriterNEWS YouTube Channel – here



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