January 18, 2020
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It was cold and dark in Covent Garden Piazza on Saturday Evening .. but vocally the sun shone brightly and the warmth of the gathering crowd was enough to toast however many chestnuts you’ve got left over from your festive stockings as we head into another NEW and  PROMISING YEAR.
It said Sammie Jay on the banner on her bag … and  despite having to rush past on another mission at the time ..  the foto confirms that after a little research .. This is definitely the Sammie Jay we’re talking about ..  and we’ve found her on You Tube  – filmed – we think in LA  – doing the MOST AWESOME  Gnarls Barkley cover of CRAZY
But she isn’t just spending her time being an awesome ‘Cover’ Girl ..  Sammie Jay is ALSO an accomplished singer songwriter in her own right ..  She has made a number of high profile stage appearances and… With three albums already ‘in the bag’ and CD’s on sale  online  (and everywhere she goes)  …  there has gotta be a Spotlight  bright enough to shine on this Lady’s talent !!
You  won’t be able to miss her in a crowd – she’s the one with the AWESOME VOICE and the truly original style which takes HITS and makes them COMPLETELY HERS!  ..  It’s such a phenomenon to watch  that a whole host of YOUTUBERS  have already posted videos of her performances online – with ‘000’s of views – and counting ..

Sammie Jay – photo clip from her website – so u know you’re in the right place

XFACTOR –  Having auditioned for Xfactor – too young to handle the song  – hmm  Well ..  it seems She’s done pretty well with numbers by Adele,  Jon Legend , Whitney Houston,  Passenger and Etta James … to name but a few .. how did she do …  just judge for yourselves –  the Youtube feature at the head of this article isn’t full track .. But its THE most awesome version  of Crazy … and her  profiles are all at the bottom of the page ..

Miss this at your own risk !!
You gotta hand it to a musician who is this dedicated .. There’s definitely a place on a BIG STAGE waiting for this young Lady .. And for any of you singers songwriters and musicians out there – she’s a TOTAL INSPIRATION  – check out just how many of her performances are in public places ..
And MORE IMPORTANTLY  – just HOW MANY PEOPLE Actually STOP to watch and listen …  take heart …  take your guitar And head for the places where people will adore You too …  Sammie Jay is not only ‘taking’ the opportunity ..  She’s ‘MAKING’ the opportunity – and the journey is growing her numbers of followers and fans ..
Her Albums –

Website  – albums available on SanmieJayMusic.com
Twitter @sammiejaymusic
Facebook sammiejaymusic
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