September 18, 2019
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BONI-JANE – Big News Coming – SOON

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BONI-JANE – Singer / Songwriter/ Entertainer

BONI-JANE took the stage at Sunday Club  venue World’s End Finsbury for a surprise  set which included tracks from Lana del Rey and top celebrity superstar Adele – along with her own newly crafted song  Fly Away  (above).

Using a borrowed guitar courtesy of Charlie Austen, (featured separately) Boni charmed the audience who all loved her performance more than enough to join in and clap along .


It’s not just the music scene where Boni claims her audience – HER online facebook page Boni TV has secured her a FANBASE of thousands who watch her antics on video. as well as a PrimeTime ITV fly-on-the wall documentary on YouTube which was aired on national UK TV.

above – “Boni makes Apple Crumble in a hurry” – reached over 23k people when originally released and with over 11,000 views – and it’s not her only one – search – Boni TV on fb .

SONGWRITER – But it’s not all just fun and games in the kitchen – tho she does write there sometimes .. Boni is a consumate songwriter – with tracks synced for movie releases this year and music on release in the far-east .. there’s lots happening …


We at SongwriterNews also know that Boni has been holding on to a secret about a new project which could be in the pipeline – following a meeting with Artist Manager and Mentoring Whiz LUC Floreani earlier this week  – there’s some great news about to break – but you’ll  have to wait for Boni to tell you herself !!

Meanwhile you can find Boni along with her music – live performances – photo gallery etc on her website –

and look for Boni’s page Boni TV on facebook

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