September 19, 2020
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SPOTLIGHT ON – NATALIE GAUCI – Mega-talented Singer/Songwriter/Musician

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If you’re looking for Talent … then you’ve come to the right place …

Especially if you hit the links below this review and you land on the website of the incredibly talented and lovely Natalie Gauci – Australian IDOL WINNER and First-Class Singer/Songwriter and Musician.

No stranger to the spotlight, Natalie has been followed by the camera from Child Star to 2016-12-14_17-42-37 IDOL Winner and beyond – having celebrated a WIN  on Aussie National Television as Australia’s No1 talented artist on Australian IDOL .. and formerly acheiving a film and TV Diploma by the age of 12 years and… a Scolarship to VCASS (College of the Arts) studying piano, jazz, classical voice and trumpet – no less, clearly Natalie created a strong foundation for her future music business success !

LONDON – The PianoWorks

images-38This summer saw Natalie in the UK touring venues in and around London and bringing the flair of her powerful voice and skillful piano to appreciative audiences everywhere she appeared… in other words She Rocks !!  Here is an excerpt from one of her performances at the PIANOWORKS – one of London’s Top Spots on the Live Music Scene – and please be aware that the footage is not taken under optimal conditions (lighting/angles/etc) – tho we can confirm that Natalie still engaged the attention of the somewhat boisterous crowd and suitably impressed music industry officionados present at the event.

This is a cover of Alicia Keys – Fallin’ – and a keen competitor against the original ..  just sayin ‘…

From the Pen of Natalie Gauci

But let’s not forget – much of the material played for our pleasure was also written by images-186Natalie – who is also a very skilled and accomplished songwriter.  Her EP “FREE FALLING” launched Mar1st this year – is a showcase of her ability to interpret the deeper meanings of human life experience in the nuances of her lyrics and melodies and keep your foot tapping and your ears trained on the tune – shutting out all else around you. A whole bunch of her incredible tunes are sampled on Soundcloud – LISTEN HERE – and you won’t wanna stop listening !!

AUSTRALIA – ON TOUR – Or Back Home ?

Originally from Melbourne – Natalie is now back in OZ touring over Christmas – in what we would call a Winter Break – after all – south of the equator – it’s SUMMER !!  But nevertheless no time for resting – Natalie has a full calendar of Gigs – you can check her out on her website NATALIE GAUCI OFFICIAL

Ozzies – thanks for the priviledge of seeing and hearing LIVE – BUT – HOW DID YOU EVER LET HER GO .. ??  You deffo missed a trick cobbers !!!

And BE SURE TO CHECK THE RELEASES PAGE – where you can listen to samples of some of the upcoming tracks from her NEW ALBUM  !!

Whatever else Natalie  has to offer from her eclectic repertoire – you can be assured it’s all gonna be #AWESOME !!!

So join us in wishing NATALIE all the success in the World – on both sides of the planet  !!!


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