September 20, 2020
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LIKE JESUS TO A CHILD – We reflect on the Incredible Talent of George Michael

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I’m’ Blessed I Know…

Heaven sent and Heaven Stole

You Smiled at Me – like Jesus to a Child

The PoP World, indeed ‘THE WORLD’ ..  mourns the loss of yet another ICON of talent and Wonder as we lament the passing of INTERNATIONAL MEGA-STAR -GEORGE MICHAEL gone at the age of 53. 


A Genius of lyric and melody who took the world by storm in the 80’s with good looks backed by a wealth of talent ..  he became the friend, .. and the respected equal of the superstars and contemporaries of the era including Elton John in a career that launched him into the spotlight at just 16 yrs old.

2016-12-26-01-39-14-144968026WHAM ‘Club Tropicana’ and ‘Last Christmas’ which you’ve probably heard at least a hundred times over the holidays .. were just two of the mega hits to catapult George and fellow WHAM member Andrew Ridgeley into the limelight – brash and beautiful – they attracted fans in droves.

SOLO CAREER As time passed it became clear that the underlying George Michael talent was destined to take him MUCH further and, after Wham split in 1985 he went on to release two solo albums plus an on-screen collaboration with Musical Goddess Aretha Franklin ( I knew You Were Waiting) in 1987 – putting Aretha back in the charts after 20 years and  projecting his already stellar profile to even greater heights as an established solo artist and versatile Pop Phenomenon .. with FAITH releasing the same year and LISTEN WITHOUT PREJUDICE in 1990. But, taking Centre Stage LIVE with Queen in 1992 to perform SOMEBODY TO LOVE at Wembley  gave us a performance from George to equal, if not surpass the LEGENDARY Freddie Mercury Himself, in delivery of what has become an awesome testament to his vocal talents.

images-157OLDER  But it was the cold realities of life and loss that brought his incredible prescence back into the spotlight with the release of OLDER in 1996 … the style had changed .. a more mature, reflective and musically eloquent George Michael emerged following the 5yr battle with his record company and followed the death of friend and partner Brasilian, Anselmo Feleppa,  the subject of Jesus to A Child – No1 in the UK on an album which spawned Six single releases and has sold over 8 million copies (actually prompting a later re-pressing).

CONTROVERSY Whilst there have been other releases including  ‘significantly’ FAST LOVE . the product of a controversial situation ..  Further underlining his ability as a WORLD-CLASS Songwriter to pen a hit out of true life experience. .  and much subsequent press about George Michael relating to non-musical mishaps .. WE REMEMBER HIM FOR HIS SONGS – HIS LYRICS – HIS TALENT and HIS STELLAR CONTRIBUTION TO MUSIC !!!

Rest Peacefully with Your God George .. May He smile at You Like Jesus to a Child.. 


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