August 17, 2019
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The New Seashaped Music Video is probably the ideal feature for HALLOWEEN given its scary Walking Dead theme and the heavy rift of expertly played Rock Guitar…

A Story of Trouble and Love – Tom Loves Rock  – take a look above and draw your own conclusions, but also think about just what exactly went into the making of this video. Casting calls went out all over the ether to get a group of friends and volunteers marshalled into place for a weekend of filming – it takes a whole lotta lot to get something like this scheduled, directed, edited, produced and distributed .. even in the days of YouTube. and the song is really earthy and grungy – so the visuals kick in with force.

20161030_180537Alison Riley part of the Buxton based Duo, poses with the Seashaped EP – check out their website Seashaped Here  there’s an awesome eclectic mix of music with influences that seem to range from quasi Kraftwerk to The Hurdy Gurdy Man of 1960’s Donovan – and what impressive visuals !!

Make a date and time – and get your copy of the EP on ITunes Amazon or your favourite digital store … or just hit the Seashaped link above !

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