September 20, 2020
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The Songwriting Academy an education not to be missed

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Some things are JUST Meant To-Be and without doubt The Songwriting Academy definitely IS one of those things.

Critique and The songwriters big dilemma

There are lots of websites out there where budding #songwriters can submit a song for critique (at a price). Many sites are self validating with references to industry sponsors, former A&R’s, and links to various music labels. Feedback on any creative work can be a tough pill to swallow if you think you’ve written a chart topping hit .. especially if it’s highly critical .. and maybe sometimes highly subjective.  So, who do you believe ?



The Song Writing Academy is a concept long awaited by many aspiring songwriters and succeeds in fulfilling the gap between faceless online critique and a genuine path into the music industry. With  full-on face to face education and mentoring in a well structured format which addresses the needs of songwriters at all levels and stages of experience, the TSA is fast becoming the defacto must-have for every songwriter on the road to success.


Brainchild of multi-platinum selling songwriter and mentor Martin Sutton and Online Business Guru Simon Coulson. The TSA (The Songwriting Academy – to give it its full name)  hosts a series of one-day courses, boot-camps and fully fledged songwriting retreats where groups of industry recognised mentors not only guide the songwriting process, but actually get involved in the collaborative writing process as novice songwriters seek to hone their craft in pursuit of that all important hit song. it’s an experience not to be missed !


One of the greatest advantages of taking part in any TSA seminar, course or event is the incredible sense of acceptance, belonging and camaraderie.

You can elect to secure a place on any of the one day courses and seminars covering all aspects of the music industry from songwriting to social media to production and more … but the biggest attractions are the boot-camps (3 day immersive songwriting experiences) the retreats (1week surrounded by other songwriters and mentors in an Andalucian Village paradise in Spain) .. and Best of All .. PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP which provides access to all of the TSA events, courses and online instructional and educational video resources together with a MONTHLY MENTORING PROGRAM which gives face to face access to Industry Recognised Mentors such as  respected artist-career developer and Manager Luc Floreani (Amy Winehouse, Sam Smith), Chris Neil (multi-platinum songwriter/producer Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Cher) and Pam Sheyne (multi-platinum songwriter over 50+million sales including ‘Genie in a Bottle’) so anyone joining is in very good hands.


In fact – there has been such a great demand from Songwriter members to STAY involved and connected with the benefits and support of the Platinum Program after their year long membership that TSA has created the Alumni Program which will allow the more developed members to continue to derive some of the Platinum benefits – whilst fledgling can elect to continue with a second year – though there are no deliniations and everyone is free to decide for themselves. DETAILS ON ALUMNI Prog. soon thro Official TSA Channels.


Organisers of the 2016 UK Unsigned Songwriter Competition.. organisers travelled 2000 miles across the UK engaging an ever changing panel of Indusrty Professional Judges from a list of Multi-platimum Songwriters and Producers Publishers and Managers to judge over 1000 entries – finals were held in London in October and Winner GRACIE FALLS  received prizes worth over £7k including a 1 Year Platinum Membership – (all proceeds went to charity)  see our associated article .

Martin Sutton

TSA Founder, Course Instructor and Mentor, Martin Sutton is a multi-platinum songwriter and producer who has worked with a myriad of other writers and artists.

20160902_130550From humble beginnings as a busker on the streets of Norwich, Martin has developed an incredible depth of knowledge about the music business music production and of course the craft of writing a knockout hit record.

Now a mega-successful songwriter and producer, he has sold millions of records in over 50 countries and his work includes tracks for the Backstreet Boys, LeAnn Rhymes, Celine Dion, Gary Barlow, Pixie Lott, Mark Owen, Andrew Roachford , Lulu, Mike & The Mechanics and various X-Factor/Idol winners worldwide.

His teaching methodology and ethos have been described as ‘Life-Changing’ and the sense of inclusive and embracing warmth and acceptance of all who participate in his seminars and group sessions is immediately and undeniably evident.

Whilst the web plays host to many would-be pretenders to the throne  in the realm of the teaching and education of songwriters … it’s more than readily apparent that Martin Sutton remains KING!

HERE : Introduction to Song Writing
HERE: Introduction to Production


Find out more about the Songwriting Academy – seminars, courses and and becoming a Platinum Member at The Songwriting Academy – links above



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