January 19, 2020
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The Sanila Interviews

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NO SCRIPT – NO REHEARSAL  – LIVE  – She’s organised, she’s in control and she won’t give you any insight into what she’s gonna be asking you !  Ready ?

But Sanila Iftikhar will put you at your ease in a moment and make you feel like your’re having an armchair chat with a long lost friend .. and that’s her magic !



The Sanila Interviews – Sanila interviews singer songwriter Dan Olsen, who has just returned from a trip to New York where he attended the Global Citizen Music Festival in aid of the eradication of extreme world poverty. Dan was backstage with Creative Director Chris Martin from Coldplay and meeting stars from the Festival Line-up which included Rihanna and Ellie Goulding

So what are the questions going to be and what is she going to talk to you about – You’re not gonna know until the interview starts so sit down, get comfy and begin.


There are lots of talk show hosts and interviewers who are already household names and it wont be any surprise to find Sanila on that list as she weaves her way through the world of music management and emerging artists to bring out the best of what they have to offer in a querky, charming and uniquely entertaining way.

fb_img_14751413398261Her methods seem to put her subjects at total ease as she delves into the profiles of managers and artists to bring out the real character in spontaneous conversation ranging from career to cooking and time-out to tongue twisters .. it’s amusing and often surprising how the process meanders through personal and professional repartee to open up the real person in front of her – seen here with artist developer and manager Luc Floreani  – the man behind the discovery of Sam Smith Amy Winehouse and the very talented Dan Olsen who she persuades to sing acapella in an excerpt from his recent interview with her in London.


The Sanila Interviews – excerpt from the recent interview with Dan Olsen, in which Sanila taps out a beat and asks Dan to sing along spontaneously – and, hey presto   we’re treated to an impromptu acapella of Dan’s great single CANDY SHOP    check it out above.

Tuesdays 12.00-2pm Sanila on RADIO SPICE FM 98.8

And when is the interview available online ? – We’ll be bringing you details soon. Meanwhile Sanila is also busy with a radio show  which she presents on Spice FM 98.8 Radio  over lunchtime 12-2pm on Tuesdays

We’ll be bringing you more about Sanila – soon – meanwhile watch out on all social media channels for the upload of the Dan Olsen Interview and upcoming events with Sanila .


DAN OLSEN  – #DanOlsen  @danolsenmusic  danolsenmusic.com and search danolsenmusic everywhere for info and videos on YouTube.

Find Sanila on Social media and don’t forget the tuesday lunchtime Radio Show on Spice FM 98.8

more from Dan on our Songwriter NEWS YouTube playlist  along with artist promo campaigns and selected music videos and covers.

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