August 17, 2019
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Spotlight on ELIZSABETH .. elizsabethmusic – shortlisted for UKUnsigned Songwriter

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  • It’s a rare pleasure to find a voice so totally unique, it makes you tingle as though you’d been touched by Angels .

And .. thats exactly what happens when you listen to ELIZSABETH sing .

BREAKING NEWS – Elizsabeth contacted Songwriter NEWS late last night to confirm that she is one of 72 talented songwriters to be selected for the Regional Heats of this the first UK Unsigned competition – Join us in wishing her every success !!!!

ELIZSABETH sings a Shawn Mendes cover



Recently Elizsabeth has begun a showcase series on YouTube covering various tracks ranging from Shawn Mendes to Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ in her own inimitable style. .. and the music just keeps on coming ! Search for elizsabethmusic on YouTube and you are in for a real treat as well-known hits are given the unique and original Elizsabeth contour. and keep watching there are frequent additions on all her social media channels.

Singer and talented songwriter too …. 

There are lots of facets to ELIZSABETH and her music .. not only is she an #AWESOME vocalist , but also an accomplished keyboard player and songwriter .. Having recently written with Jez Ashurst, Elizsabeth is a Platinum Menber of The Songwriting Academy and writes and collaborates with many songwriters and rising stars looking for their place on the red carpet at the Grammys… and with talent like this .. it’s highly likely she’ll be leading the way ! Find ELIZSABETH  here

website:  twitter: @elizsabethmusic   facebook ELIZSABETH (also on snapchat & Instagram)

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