January 27, 2020
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SOMEBODY’S STORY – is it Your Story ?

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In the short space of just 12 weeks Emma Ballantine is writing producing and releasing an ALBUM of songs composed of YOUR  Real Life Stories  Its’ a  REALLY BIG Challenge for a songwriter to set herself, but Emma has already proven her songwriting skills with many tracks both live and on YouTube, which she has written and performs live in gigs around the UK and Europe .


Above: a clip from Emma’s ‘Somebody’s Story’ diary  .. now in Week 6 Emma has already written some of the material – below is a clip of Emma working on the track ‘Secret Tunnel’ and the latest sneak peek into the ‘Story’ so far.. on a link here to her soundcloud page .

All in Good Time – Somebody’s Story

20160923_123058SOMEBODY’S STORY – songs that are based on stories about You !

There’s a definite art to putting yourself on the frontline with a declaration that you have to publicly fulfil, having filmed and screened your intentions in advance of the result .. but that just attests to the confidence a professional songwriter gains in his or her art.. knowing that any writing session will be a new and exciting challenge to undertake in the name of  experience, wisdom and in most cases thorough enjoyment ! – It’s word-craft at a level which is eventually judged by an audience and  Somebody’s Story  is prime and eloquent example of how to inventively campaign such an endeavour.

20160905_203149With a number of stories already received and the closing date for submissions now upon her, Emma has been very busy and, not surprisingly, has one almost complete song already.  Watch out for updates as Emma gives us a sneak peek.  Emma says the mix of tales has been diverse ranging from the tragic to the absolutely comedic and thus indicates the necessity for a songwriter to be comfortable with a range of styles, both lyrically and emotionally,  in order to interpret the theme in a manner which can be embraced by a public who trust the artist in us to paint  them an identifiable lyrical picture.  We have no doubt that Emma, a successful singer/songwriter and musician already wields that lyrical paintbrush very effectively and we look forward to further updates on her ‘Somebody’s Story’ campaign.

Meanwhile Emma has published a video update of one of the tracks she is working on .. here’s a sneak peek ….

Find out more about what Emma is doing on her Facebook page, on YouTube her website and from Emma on Twitter  – all of the links and refs. are below … and of course, find Emma everywhere by searching Emma Ballantine Music


arrow-156977_1280These are the links to Emma’s Social Media Pages and  Web.
Emma on Facebook
Emma on YouTube
Emma’s Website
Emma on Twitter
You can also find Emma on the Songwriter NEWS YouTube Channel

 The SongwriterNEWS online magazine talks about the music and activities of songwriters, singer/songwriters and emerging artists. If you are involved with writing and performing original music – like and follow us on our social media pages – and we could be talking about  You !


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