September 19, 2020
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Getting in Front of the Audience

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You’re probably thinking that you know everything there is to know about Marketing Yourself You’re saying to yourself, if I’m on social media and got a website .. people will come !
Wrong ! Just because you’ve got a profile and a webpage, doesn’t mean that the world will come running to your door …


Doing a gig is great … but if no-one knows about it .. its not giving you the impact you need to sell tickets and get your music.. and yourself.. out there.

Social Media is the new TV

Its everywhere .. from Facebook to YouTube .. from Twitter to Snapchat .. and a whole lot more ! Audiences are looking to be entertained .. and mostly its all about information .. who you are .. where you’re performing and when you’re performing…


Hit your social media channels with advance notice informationals about what you’re up to, when it’s happening and where it’s happening.. each time, do it in a slightly different way .. or give just a little more info each time to keep the interest going ..


Use all of your accounts in a slightly different way to keep the impetus going for a track release, a Gig .. or an upcoming tour .. don’t just rely on the venues.
If you don’t have a manager .. or someone hitting the digits for you … you need to make sure the info is heading for your audience .. and there are planty of tools to help you


If it looks like it’s FREE … it’s probably got a limitation .. and if it comes with a fee .. you’ll probably end up paying monthly .. but if it saves you a mass of time .. and STILL maintains .. and better still .. increases your following .. You’ve cracked it


There’s also a few simple tips for taking a good selfie .. or having someone snap you in full song ….

Good music in a great town.

Portrait or Landscape .. all you need is a little thought.. This may look a little unusual? Does it look better if you change the angle .. always think about where the pictures will be posted .. and the format .. ie tall or wide .. otherwise a tall image in a wide perspective will look unprofessional and more like it’s been cropped badly.
And do crop your images wherever necessary … especially if someone or something in the background it taking the limelight away from you .. there are many features on most modern smartphones these days to help you but don’t compromise your own image to eliminate something or someone else .. in many cases you can blur elements of the photo and use special effects incorporated into the phone to give your image more edge !
We’ll be looking at some of the best smartphones soon…

More on Social Media Management soon … watch out for new articles and posts from our resident Social Media Consultant.

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