September 18, 2019
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Easy breakfast! Start the Day with a Healthy Smoothie

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In the age of the ‘bullet’ ‘blaster’ and everything that generally purports to be yet another blender Just what is the big fuss about Real Fruit Smoothies Go out and buy one .. or stick with squash.

Just because you lead the Rock n Roll lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t be kind to your body and lead a HealthyLife and eat .. or in this case drink #Healthy.



The possibilities are boundless and only depend on your imagination .. and your pocket .. tho if you watch for bargains you can find cheap fruit and veg to make the best of your blender.


If you’re looking for flavour … you’ve come to the right place. Smoothies are packed with flavour and the taste changes depending on what you choose. For instance adding lemon lime ginger or chilli (yep .. chilli) to a smoothie will give it a real kick and adding yoghurt banana soft berries or avocado will make it really smooth.


Breakfast Time … Get Creative and add some muesli to the mix

It’s not just about Fruit and drinks … you can create muesli bowls .. adding grain or muesli to fruit such as pineapple or strawberries to fill-up on a morning with goodness for the day.


Good for you and a great combination.

When you use vegetables such as carrots peas and even kale… the whole blend can be microwaved (DONT put any metal in that oven) just the mixture in a micro-wave friendly container and you’ve got pure healthy soup. how does this compare with a can from the supermarket? Well, the one you created yourself is probably a lot tastier.

For the gym, you can include your supplements .. such as whey protein and isolates along with the fruit and or veg .. vanilla flavour makes the best base and is the most versatile for the purpose.

We’ll be looking at recipes and various flavour combinations in future articles.

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