August 17, 2019
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Chloe Reynolds Album launch – enormous success

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Have you ever seen anyone looking quite so happy ?  And if You were just about to launch a new album .. wouldn’t You be too?? Chloe ‘Reynolds is launching her new album Broken Beautiful following a recent social media campaign which includes links to her #AWESOME music video of the same name (Broken Beautiful) which chronicles journeys of human endurance and transcendence over hardship. This is the YouTube link and incredibly, the stories which inspire the song are true.



The Convent.. Venue to Chloe Reynolds Album Release Party is no stranger to a gig,  having hosted  this album launch with Chloe featuring online ticketing, live event streaming video and audio and all of the facilities an artist needs to make it a treat for the audience !!

The event was an enormous success and Chloe has already posted photos of stacks of Albums being shipped out to eagerly awaiting fans.

received_10100472756511803Find more about Chloe and Broken Beautiul    VIDEO

venue for Chloe’s launch online gig

We wish Chloe congratulations and  big success with her album from SongwriterNEWS

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