January 27, 2020
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Sourfish EP

3 Scary Deeds to Launch an EP- BOXING Sat Night

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19dc0225-5275-4360-8be7-8ed7f7dafacfYES .. the SOURFISH EP LAUNCHES ON SATURDAY .  and for Gavin Simpson  .. it’s gonna be a fight .. literally .. as he steps into the boxing ring as one of his three scary deeds

Not a FISH .. and definitely not SOUR .. but nevertheless SOURFISH !! aka Gavin Simpson who is currently running the 10 week SOURFISH EP Launch campaign with a totally engaging and amusing series of vignette video reports on progress.

Three Scary Deeds … Launching an EP of your own music for the very first time can be an incredibly challenging task.. so in the SOURFISH school of thinking,.. taking on some other challenges appears to be the way to offset the daunting task of a landmark event such as launching your first EP.

Sign-Up for a Free EP

Sourfish Music EP Launch

Sourfish Music EP Launch

The frontpage of the SOURFISH website kinda gives away the theme of the campaign in a couple of options ..choices on Sign-UP  Free EP  or  I’m insane .. and you’d certainly be insane not to follow the video diary which chronicles the progress of the three scary deeds .. so, what are they ?  .

BOX  BALANCE and LAUNCH By 17th September 2016

There are lots of things we would think twice about doing .. ask yourself ..what is it that fills YOU with trepidation and would need you to take a deep breath ..and maybe even a whole bottle of brave pills (we mean that metaphorically) to step out and achieve … well, for SOURFISH the list is like this …

BOX – Go 1 Full Round in the Boxing Ring

Sourfish Boxing

Gavin Simpson spars with a professional boxer

The challenge  – Go a full round in the Boxing Ring with a professional boxer .. survive it, and presumably … remain standing. Fight Night and Launch Date Sept 17th

SPARRING WITH Scott Forrest Commonwealth Games British Amateur Champion

And here’s how Gavin is preparing for the challenge. He’s enlisted the help and expertise of British Amateur Commonwealth Games Boxing Champion Scott Forrest and has a trainer on hand to get him through the ordeal. Clearly, getting into the ring with a titled boxer has one distinct drawback for a complete novice  .. at some point .. YOURE GOING TO GET CLOBBERED  .. so .. we think that’s scary enough to warrant us giving Gavin a little support and respect for his undertaking .

The Sourfish weekly videoblog episodes chronicle Gavin’s progress and we are following them on our playlist  at Songwriter News YouTube Chanel

BALANCE – a fully upright vertical handstand

Sourfish Handstand

Gavin Simpson aka Sourfish attempts a handstand

It started with Yoga Classes and a fully qualified professional Yoga instructor .. and it culminates in Gavin attempting freestanding vertical handstands in various locations all over his home city of Edinburgh including, as pictured above, in a suit on his morning commute.  Is this scary enough? .. Well, ask yourself, whether you could do this. Not just a ‘feet off the floor’ thing .. but a genuine inverted fully upright posture .. without crashing helplessly back to the ground with a thud. Does that put it fully into perspective .. SCARY NOW ? … Well.. Scary Enough we think.


Sourfish EP

Sourfish Ep Launch Campaign

And so … we come to the culmination of this trilogy of challengingly scary events in which SOURFISH  will launch an avidly awaited DEBUT EP . A totally #AWESOME Campaign to herald the release of a debut launch and one which totally engages the audience in a way we can all identify with.  Who knows , maybe Gavin’s bravado will inspire many more #SONGWRITERS to actually ‘take the plunge’ and push their music out into the world where it belongs .. We think this campaign is a testament to Gavin’s tenacity and dedication to his songwriting craft and a spotlight that will shine , not only for Sourfish but as a guiding light to lead the way for others to follow.

More Info

imagesf-150x150The campaign is still running and regular updates can be found on the SOURFISH Facebook page and across social media channels .. search sourfish music  and find Sourfish aka Gavin Simpson  at Sourfishmusic.com


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