September 19, 2020
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3 MUSICAL MYSTERY TOURS – autumn is gonna be #AWESOME

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Roll Up Roll Up For the MUSICAL MYSTERY TOUR as we watch eagerly for news of what happens next with … Emma Ballantine , SOURFISH (aka Gavin Simpson) and Sam Rawlings & Nicki Kelly, You’re saying to yourself, OK .. what’s going on ? And that’s the whole fun part, because we don’t actually know the whole story.

Should you just plough on and hope people will take notice .. or should you lovingly contrive a mini-campaign that will involve and excite an audience about what it is you’re doing and what you’re all about as a person as well as a musician and artist ?

Emma, Gavin and Sam & Nicki think it’s the campaign option that’s the best option and have begun campaigns using the power and clout of Micro Blogs to offer something more, and something that not all other independent artists offer.



Original and inspired

Emma Ballantine has recently begun a 12 Week Campaign  from START to FINISH, across all of her social media channels to write, record and produce an EP of songs based on YOUR STORIES and experiences, Yes, You heard it right Emma is asking for your stories, and she is going to take the best ones and turn them into songs.

Check-out Emma on Twitter @emmaballantinemusic and search Emmaballantine on YouTube (micro-blog promo vids), the web and facebook … #AWESOME !! and see Emma’s intro at




@Sourfishmusic aka Gavin Simpson & co… now in the sixth week of online antics heralding the arrival of his new EP on 17th Sept. and including vocals with the lovely and talented Miss Elisabeth Valentine. It’s been a rollercoaster of feat and daring as Gavin has pushed the envelope in a highly entertaining and successful attempt to engage with his audience in inventive ways.


Gavin has given himself 10 weeks in which to achieve three self imposed challenges and he’s going for it in his own inimitable style.

Challenge 1 – Go a round with a professional boxer (and presumably stay upright long enough to at least hit back)

Challenge 2 – A Headstand – completely vertical and unaided (he’s got a yoga coach and recently posted the video showing him practicing in front of various landmarks all over Edinburgh – (his home city) – and even an attempt in a suit and tie on his commute !!

Challenge 3 – Launch the SOURFISH EP  .. we’re guessing that everyone will be a lot more curious about what is on that EP now that they know a little more about its creator .. so people .. head for SOURFISH @Sourfishmusic or the sourfish website to sign up for a freebie .. get more info and go get a SOURFISH EP check out Sourfish vlogs at


This week the mystery also begins… about what’s happening with Sam Rawlings and Nicki Kelly …



But let’s focus on what’s different here: it’s that edge of mystery that comes from the smallest amount of information and detail on day 1 .. now where does it lead . ?

Fresh from #BellevueRoad

Nicki Kelly has just emerged from a weekend of live performances as one of the partcipants in the #Bellevue Road Summer Festival where the entertainment was organised by industry impresario and artist manager Luc Foreani.


Social media now reports that Nicki is on the road with Jo Beaniestudios and Tom Gibson with the tag .. “You’d better be ready for us !!”  The plot thickens …


Meanwhile Sam Rawlings who appears frequently at Piano Works in Farringdon is saying very little and we’re looking forward to what’s happening .. which presumably from the whole 7NIGHTS/7MICS tagline clues us in.

We’ll bring you more on this as it happens … meanwhile checkout both ladies on facebook and their social media channels for more info…

LATEST NEWS  … Kick-off  is on Mon 17th October  OH !YES!

In  7 weeks – 7 Nights of Open Mic Nights beginning in London on 17th October .. Nicki Kelly and Samantha Rawlings are going to wow us with their vocal and musical talents as they hit the stage for 7 Not-to-be-missed Performances .. check out FB Samantha Lyndsey Rawlings and Nick Kelly for more info

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