December 10, 2018
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BE YOUR “AUTHENTIC” SELF So says “pitch”-craft consultant and Songwriting Academy Mentor Jacq Norton – who is bringing her wealth of interpersonal networking experience and relationship management from the hard line of blue-chip corporate sales to the front line of the EMERGING Music Industry .. and essentially … for songwriters, musicians and performers .. in […]


HIS NEW SINGLE – DON’T LOOK BACK LAUNCHES TODAY It’s co-written with Willow Rivers – recently a Classical Chart contender herself at number 4 and also co-writer of a single by AMBR. But RIGHT NOW – Luchi is the chart contender as his track rises to a current number 9 and looking to climb higher […]


Tonight’s Songwriting Academy EmergingArtists Showcase Night was hosted at a new venue.. The O Bar SOHO .. AN INCREDIBLE SUCCESS !! Songwriting Academy Principal – Martin Sutton and Head of Emerging Artists UK – Luc Floreani were in the highest of spirits last night after a last minute venue change for this month’s TSA SHOWCASE […]

AMBR – Sleeping In Your Bed NEW RELEASE

AMBR – NEW RELEASE TODAY SLEEPING IN YOUR BED written by Ambr & Willow Rivers 18 Year Old Megan Farnfield arrived at a songwriting bootcamp around this time last year wondering whether pursuing songwriting was a good idea. .. Today, just 12months later – she is the very capable Singer Songwriter and performing artist known […]

Secret Tunnel – Somebody’s Story Premiere

EMMA PREMIERES THE FIRST TRACK ON HER SOMEBODY’S STORY ALBUM The first track is ready for your ears! Three months after we began the project, the first track from Somebody’s Story is live! Thank you so much to all of you for sending me your amazing stories – I’m so excited about sharing our record with the world! The song, […]

The Songwriting Academy an education not to be missed

Some things are JUST Meant To-Be and without doubt The Songwriting Academy definitely IS one of those things. Critique and The songwriters big dilemma There are lots of websites out there where budding #songwriters can submit a song for critique (at a price). Many sites are self validating with references to industry sponsors, former A&R’s, and links […]


DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE ??? .. Well, if you’re looking at the view at the top of the page, you’re most definitely in the tiny village of Los Castillejos, about 40 mins east of Malaga Airport  on one of The Songwriting Academy’s Andalucian Songwriting Retreats … and you’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and […]