September 25, 2018
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Tag Archives: sleeping in your bed


#LATEST – NO5 *** correction** No.4 and Rising!!! .HATS-OFF TO THE INCREDIBLE TALENT OF WILLOW RIVERS If you’ve been watching on Fb today and you are in any way connected to the very lovely .. and very talented WILLOW RIVERS .. You will know that her recently released EP “BECOMING” is RAPIDLY rising up the […]

AMBR – Sleeping In Your Bed NEW RELEASE

AMBR – NEW RELEASE TODAY SLEEPING IN YOUR BED written by Ambr & Willow Rivers 18 Year Old Megan Farnfield arrived at a songwriting bootcamp around this time last year wondering whether pursuing songwriting was a good idea. .. Today, just 12months later – she is the very capable Singer Songwriter and performing artist known […]

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