May 26, 2018
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Category: Lifestyle

Using the PHONE before bedtime maybe not so SMART

If, like many people, the last thing you reach for before you settle down for the night is your smartphone, take a look at how a final helping of email and social media could be affecting your health … BEDTIME HABITS Research has determined that using smartphones, tablets and basically any kind of visual tech before sleeping can be […]


DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE ??? .. Well, if you’re looking at the view at the top of the page, you’re most definitely in the tiny village of Los Castillejos, about 40 mins east of Malaga Airport  on one of The Songwriting Academy’s Andalucian Songwriting Retreats … and you’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and […]

Spotlight on ELIZSABETH .. elizsabethmusic – shortlisted for UKUnsigned Songwriter

It’s a rare pleasure to find a voice so totally unique, it makes you tingle as though you’d been touched by Angels . And .. thats exactly what happens when you listen to ELIZSABETH sing . BREAKING NEWS – Elizsabeth contacted Songwriter NEWS late last night to confirm that she is one of 72 talented […]

Easy breakfast! Start the Day with a Healthy Smoothie

In the age of the ‘bullet’ ‘blaster’ and everything that generally purports to be yet another blender Just what is the big fuss about Real Fruit Smoothies Go out and buy one .. or stick with squash. Just because you lead the Rock n Roll lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t be kind to your body […]
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