July 19, 2018
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Author: Newshound

The Incredible Rise of Gracie Falls

If You’re the WINNER of the 2016 Unsigned Songwriter Competition, then your name is Gracie Falls and your life has changed forever !!! As WINNER of the UNISIGNED SONGWRITER Competition, Gracie now has some incredible changes happening in her life and a whole bunch of prizes and benefits to go with them…. YAMAHAMUSIC LONDON From the generous […]

Danny Boyle – Boyle-ing over with Talent

Danny Boyle  #NOW ON GENERAL #RELEASE .. My new single has just been released today! It’s entitled “Need Your Love” its available at the links below and it’s only 79p so please go check it out.. So here’s Danny’s request to All of his fans and will YOU be one of them .. ?  . […]

The PianoWorks -A Higher Gear

TIMELINE: Nov22 #ThePianoWorks Farringdon EMERGING ARTISTS UK Tim Brooks took the stage at the PianoWorks last night as the first of an array of impressive Emerging Artists and kicked the evening into a higher gear as the open mic session started for the penultimate (last but one)  just sayin’… Emerging Artists Showcase took place on […]


Gearing up for release on 2nd December! Follow Emma on Spotify Hi everyone, and greetings from the studio! I’ve spent four days recording so far, working with producer Luke Moseley. Above is a video diary from Sunday, just after we finished the first track, Secret Tunnel. The response I’ve had from people about my project, Somebody’s […]


ROLL-UP ..  ROLL-UP FINAL Nottinghill Music Networking Event of 2016 !!!! and this is where it is.. and how to get there …as you can see its the edge of Camden just north of Kings Cross . Yes folks ..  its the final TILEYARD NETWORKING Event of 2016 .. London’s Premiere Music Industry Monthly Networking […]

Alejandra Ribera – 5* Star Performance

Timeline : Green Note Camden Friday Nov4 Canadian Singer Songwriter Alejandra Ribera .. blew the audience away last friday night with an all-out performance boasting such a powerful vocal delivery .. it almost defied the use of the sound system .. (capably managed by venue staff). With an eclectic but recognisable continuity of style the crowd […]

Dan Olsen – Headline China Tour

It’s OFFICIAL ! International Award Winning Singer Songwriter Dan Olsen is heading for the Orient to Headline at an International Festival in China ! The Ocean Silk Route Festival celebrates the International Community associated with the Ocean Silk Route .. the routes of passage used to carry cargoes of silk from it’s mother China to […]

Songwriters – IT’s Your BIG CHANCE ! Annual Conference

SONGWRITERS NOV12-13 It’s The Songwriting Academy Annual Conference – Your BIG CHANCE to see and meet multi-platinum selling songwriters talking about the business, how to get your songs heard, songwriting and crafting, getting a HIT RECORD and much MUCH MORE The Songwriting Academy Mentors are multi-million HIT RECORD sellers who have written for a gallery of Headline Artists – and […]


The New Seashaped Music Video is probably the ideal feature for HALLOWEEN given its scary Walking Dead theme and the heavy rift of expertly played Rock Guitar… A Story of Trouble and Love – Tom Loves Rock  – take a look above and draw your own conclusions, but also think about just what exactly went […]

the winner is …

Yes ¬¬ the WINNER of UKUNSINGNED SONGWRITER 2016 is …. GRACIE FALLS !!! Singer/songwriter from Yorkshire . Gracie has Hit the spot in a competition of over 1000 entries to bring her talent in front of some of the Worlds most respected Multi-million selling songwriters Managers and Competition Contributors to impress them enough to award […]
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