Well, if you’re Chloe Reynolds…

You crank it up another few notches and get yourself booked to tour with YET ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD NAME in OCT / NOV this year .. on no less than 40 tour dates (we think about 47 in fact) .. oh .. and u gotta get a whole NEW ALBUM PRODUCED and RECORDED with your own ORIGINAL MATERIAL (of course) to take on tour with you ..
How U gonna do all of that ??

ROCKET FUEL .. and a lotta help.

We’ll hand u over to Chloe in a noment to get the whole story .AND SHE’S GONNA TELL YOU WHO SHE WILL BE SUPPORTING … BUT .. before you click .. We jus wanna tell u –  Chloe is one of the HARDEST working and most dedicated of Emerging Artists .. and she may be getting some #AWESOME opportunities but they come at the price of months of working without a break .. that means 7 days by 7 days until the tour is done  .. plus doing all her own driving, admin, writing and funding .. oh yes .. this stuff doesn’t get put there for you until YOU are the #HEADLINER .. so think about that when u are making decisions not only about what she is asking  .. but also about what you would want for your own career if youre an Emerging Artist too .. and if youre a music fan .. ask yourself how cool it would be to say you’ve had the Music Scene’s Next Big Thing in Your house / garden or local venue playing especially for U ... now check this out .

and click the Rocketfuel pic above to get your hands on the goodies !!

CHLOES ALBUM BROKEN BEAUTIFUL is available to download online

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