Not that she ever actually went away ..  and the consistency quality and tenacity of Ambr as a songwriter .. as an artist .. and as an ever-present, hard working #goforit stand-up achiever is all very apparent in her music, her videos and her lively and vivacious personality.

AND… HER NEW VIDEO : “What a Mess You’ve Made” .. click above to check it out.

NEW WEBSITE :  Let’s begin with her new website address .. (jus click the pic)

So .. with a new website to promote her image ..(not forgetting the new look hair style)  and the backing of Manager Simon Beyer .. along with the support of friends, family, fellow songwriters .. and most importantly .. a growing number of fans .. AMBR is laying the foundations of a very promising career .. underlined by her recent #KNOCKOUT success with over 24k views on her last video in almost as many hours (that’s an average of 1000 views an hour for the non-mathematical)


CHECK OUT AMBR ON HER NEW WEBSITE (above) with all the info on tours tracks fotos and find the link for her mailing list to get the latest as it happens !!

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